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  • Support all edition. Include MSDE.
  • Connect to server using Windows or SQL Server authentication.
  • Freeware for educational usage.
  • Multi-tabbed environment. No round-trip.
  • Optimal Drag-and-Drop support.
  • Cross database data manipulation tool.
  • Customize environment options, settings, formats, locales and skins.
  • Create , edit and delete any objects ie. database, table, index, key, constraint, trigger, stored procedure, view, user / inline function, login, user, role etc.
  • Quick data search. Edit, delete, add data like a spreadsheet.
  • Large text editor for text, ntext, varchar(256+) or nvarchar(256+). (webWord, an built-in WYSIWYG HTML Editor)
  • Data duplication tracking and fixing tool.
  • Data orphanage tracking and fixing tool.
  • Execute any SQL commands (single or compound), DBCC commands and DOS commands.
  • Partial script execution and execution cancellation.
  • Virtual DOS Prompt Window: execute any data manipulation utility through web interface.
  • SQL (and DOS ) syntax highlighting
  • Multi-level undo/redo (up to 300 steps forward and backward. steps can be tracked in status bar)
  • Save and open SQL script to local disk. Quick memory SQL script for session re-use.
  • Streamlined Query Process best for very large table Query. (SELECT * FROM million_row_table ? No mess.)
  • Object Type Filter and Object Name Filter applies to all objects best for VLDB (Very large database)
  • Quick startup (take only seconds not minutes as windows tool do) best for SQL Server Hoster who usually has hundreds of databases in a single server.
  • Object level documentation and property.
  • Description for any object and retrieved by documentation tool.
  • Search and document database objects and source code.
  • Track object relationship. Primary (parent) key columns, foreign (child) key columns.
  • Dependency track and dependency confirm for object deletion.
  • Export data to MS Access 97, MS Excel, CSV, XML, WDDX, HTML Formated E-Mail, Fixed Length Text and other 6 text based format for download or sending.
  • Manage SQL Server agent : category, operator, alert, job (with step tool and schedule tool)
  • Manage security: logins, users and roles
  • Manage authentication : object permission and user permission.
  • Monitor who, since when, from where, through what application, connect to which database, lock what table, view, index, what kind of lock, CPU time and Memory holding in an easy-to-read flat table.
  • Database online/offline switch and attach/detach operation.
  • Backup and restore databases (Full, Differential or transaction log)
  • Database compress and repair tool. (best for transaction log compress)