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What is LAMP?

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Shusheng SQL Tool V1.13

  • Web based MS SQL 2000 ( MSDE ) Client Tool, Query Analyzer, DBA utility, SQL Server Admin and Monitor.
  • Design, Create, Query, Edit, Manage and Monitor database online.
  • Optimize SQL query. Find out where is the bottleneck of your SQL script or SQL object like stored procedure, view and user defined function.
  • Blob data editor. View image, play / download / upload audio (almost all format, include mp3), video, RealMovie, Flash Movie from SQL database. Store any binary file in SQL database.
  • Easy to use. Pure ASP script, no installation needed.
  • Freeware for Educational and Personal usage. Shareware for other usage.

webMenu V1.0

  • If you want a unique web menu without coding.
  • If you want a professional web menu without pay.
  • If you want a web menu without cross-platform concern.
  • If you want a menu handles unlimited sub-tree with limited screen space.

That's it.