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       Shusheng SQL Tool - V1.13 available now. New feature include:
  • Optimize SQL query. Find out where is the bottleneck of your SQL script or SQL object like stored procedure, view and user defined function. Screenshot
  • Blob data editor. View image, play / download / upload audio (almost all format, include mp3), video, RealMovie, Flash Movie from SQL database. Store any binary file in SQL database. Screenshot-1, Screenshot-2, Screenshot-3
       pubs_demo example database available for download now: (2.53 Mb)
  • pubs_demo is a copy of database pubs with following additional objects.
    1. user_function_example (scalar function)
    2. inline_function_sample (inline function)
    3. use_of_function_example (view)
    4. blob_sample (table)
  • pubs is an example database provided by Microsoft for SQL Server 2000. However, it did not provide any examples for User Defined Functions which is a very important new feature for SQL Server 2000.
  • blob_sample is an example table stores binary large object block. SQL Server support blob data through image data type. Since no MS SQL client tool support blob data editor and viewer, pubs lacks this kind of example. In the blob_sample, we provide example for mutiple file type include: txt, doc, xls, mdb, bmp, gif, jpg, mp3, wav, mpg, avi, rm, swf, zip and others. User can view/play/download/upload/update these binary directly from Shusheng SQL Tool.
       For Installation Instruction, click here.