Shusheng SQL Tool 2.0 is now fully supported by Idera.
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Live Demo

Live Demo

  • The Demo user has read only permission on following database:
    • northwind.
    • pubs.
    • pubs_demo.
  • The Demo user has following permission on database pubs_demo:
    • Backup Database and Transaction.
    • Create Table, Stored Procedure, View, User/Inline Function.
    • Create , edit and delete Column(s), Key(s), Trigger(s), Indexes, Check(s) on owned table.
    • Read , Write and Delete data rows on owned table.
  • If you want to test the tool without limitation, you can connect to your own SQL Server through
    Remote SQL Server Admin
  • Online help has 8 tutorial to guide you to the sucessful SQLand.
  • This live demo has optional logon as:
    • Windows Authentication
      • User Name and Password (win_user) included in the URL Link
    • SQL Authentication
      • User Name : demo
      • Password : demo
    • Click Here to start live demonstration.