Customize Your Own Menu

Attribute Value Comments
soundEffect Turn on/off sound effect.
dropDownLag How fast to pop a sub-menu. 0-10.
alphaStart How transparent to start a sub-menu. 0 - 100
menuWidth For sophisticated user
menuBgColor Menu Background color
topMargin Top margin
leftMargin Left margin
itemInterval Pixes between main menu items
itemWidth For sophisticated user
itemHeight For sophisticated user
itemBgColor Main Menu background color
itemTextColor Main menu caption color
itemBorderStyle Main menu border style. 0-15.
itemButtonStyle Main menu button style. 0-9.
subItemWidth For sophisticated user
subItemHeight For sophisticated user
subItem1BgColor Sub-menu 1 background color.
subItem1TextColor Sub-menu 1 caption color.
subItem1BoderStyle Sub-menu 1 border style. 0 - 15
subItem1ButtonStyle Sub-menu 1 button style. 0 - 9
subItem2BgColor Sub-menu 2 background color.
subItem2TextColor Sub-menu 2 caption color.
subItem2BoderStyle Sub-menu 2 border style. 0 - 15
subItem2ButtonStyle Sub-menu 2 button style. 0 - 9
subItem3BgColor Sub-menu 3 background color.
subItem3TextColor Sub-menu 3 caption color.
subItem3BoderStyle Sub-menu 3 border style. 0 - 15
subItem3ButtonStyle Sub-menu 3 button style. 0 - 9
logoUrl Visit this url when user click the logo
myLogo For sophisticated user. yourLogo.swf is already made.
logoTarget The target for Logo URL
defaultTarget For sophisticated user. Defaul frame name.