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Shusheng SQL Tool Remote SQL Admin Tool for sql / msde DBA. Program stored procedure, view, user function, inline function, trigger, checks, job steps and other sql scripts from a web browser with syntax highlighting, syntax check and sql query optimizer. SQL Server Agent Admin tool, Database Backup Restore tool, Database Compress and Repair tool. SQL Query analyzer and optimizer. Database Documentation tool. Object and Data Searching Tool.

Screen Shot - Secure Binary Logon Popup

  1. Windows Authentication, you do not type in username and password. This application uses your IIS web authentication to connect you to the SQL server. If you allow anonymous access to your Web server, you will login as a system user IUSER_YourWebServer. This is a guest account created by MS Windows when you install windows operation system. By default this account is very limited and has no access to any SQL server in the network. You will get a Login Failed message this way. You can block anonymous access to your Application Web Server (or block the virtual directory of this Tool) to make the login Easier.
  2. SQL Server Authentication, your username and password will be typed into a binary flash movie (not a HTML form), it will be encrypted inside binary movie before it submitted to the Web Server. Then it will be decrypted and cached in Web Server's memory for session re-use. (We do not use cookie to store sensitive info like password, even though it is encrypted, to avoid round trip or in case somebody else to open and view it while you left your desktop for lunch.) When your browser is closed the cached memory will be freed on the Web Server. By default it will free the memory and ask you to re-login if you left the browser untouched for more than 30 minutes. (You have option to set this No Activity Timeout for more or less than 30, or just 0, which means never timeout until you close the browser. The same as MS Analyzer and MS Enterprise Manager did.)